Trying to shoot Mars

I haven’t even posted yesterday’s photo yet. I have become one with my editing bay. Needed a photo today. Mars has been out. It’s really hard to shoot a planet with a cellphone.

A day late and way short

Didn’t even think about getting a photo today. I noticed how insane I looked on one of my bathroom breaks from editing in my bedroom and snapped a selfie, so que sera, sera.… Continue reading

Before the shed collapsed.

At one point, some point, some one probably drank beer from that can. Deductive reasoning would say they drank it in our basement since that is where the can was found, could probably… Continue reading

Dog and a dude

They like each other more than it looks like.

Spring in Colorado

Shoveled six times, melted anyway.

Not dead

Nah, I disagree, I’m pretty sure he’s dead. Generally you don’t get tombstones for naps.


I’ve been working a lot, so I’ve been trying to keep a balance and not fall too far into the editor’s diet. Part of that is trying to get around an hour of… Continue reading


I was about to go to bed and realized I had no photo, so I was in the process typing up a last minute blog and about to publish when my roommate Zach… Continue reading

Prized possession

This calendar was my grandmother’s. She passed away about 21 years ago but I still think about her frequently. This is one of two things I have that were hers and it’s in… Continue reading


I learned how to drive one morning when I was 14. My dad had to be to work at 5am and my mom had to work late the previous night, yet needed the… Continue reading

Spring Bivouac

It’s that time of year when the ants come out. I love ants. I consider them superior to humans in many ways. They communicate through chemicals. How fucking awesome is that. I heard… Continue reading

Smart Car in the Mountains

Little car gets around.

Smart Car in the Ghetto

The only photo I took today that I thought I could publish. Sometimes, with such a project, you just have slower days. I seem to have a lot of them.

Lawn pets

Not sure where they came from, but these old toy animals showed up recently in the backyard. Day off so I took more photos than normal I guess. The cat one wins photo… Continue reading

Welcome home Joe

My roommate Wally has carried Joe around from place to place for I believe the better half of a decade. Joe is quite heavy and that’s quite a feat. Now that he lives… Continue reading

Reminder- all good things with moderation.

Added a bunch of red crystals to my green crystal growing project, essentially reverse ugly duckling it.


One of my favorite songs written by one of my favorite song writers. Got into a debate with my roommate a few weeks on what the lyrics mean. He thought of it much… Continue reading

The spring

It was the first flower I noticed this spring. I guess some would call it a weed.  Others call it food. My mind goes off on a tangent starting with urban foraging leading… Continue reading

Dreams of a perfect world

Where free wireless electricity and cloud storage exists in place of money.

Taking a picture to have a picture

I’ve had worse smoke breaks…  

Class. Just class.

Probably need to burn some stuff down tonight. According to the neighbor, the inspectors come early April and they might not appreciate this much.

Fortunate one

A 裙 made of angel feathers would be awesome to have.

Difference of a day

This is picsay edited, yesterday’s was not.

Growing crystals

Yet another “I’m single and not used to it” hobby. Almost posted a video of dinner in the sink instead, but it’s not a photo so doesn’t count.

I’ve always had a thing for studios

Studio production has always been something that I just connected with. There’s just something about the electricity in the air that makes me buzz. Tonight we hosted Open Screen night at Denver Open… Continue reading


The Breakfast King is my jam.

Hard hat

Coolest man ever

Adolfo Perez Esquivel at PeaceJam’s 2014 Rocky Mountain Conference.

Filming for BFS

 Lindsie is a champion. Also my job is entertaining.

A porch with some effects

Don’t worry, if you’re wondering what you’re seeing, I don’t take myself seriously with this shit at all. There’s no hidden context or symbolism. I just remembered I needed a photo and snapped… Continue reading

Buster Bosco

I had given up and posted a crappy photo for the day I shot last minute as an afterthought. Then, as I was making the bed, Buster Bosco, came in and became an… Continue reading

Face in the window

When I moved into this house, this window was broken out on the upper left side and patchwork fixed with duct tape. I found a long plastic piece not quite tall enough and… Continue reading

Begin setting

Ah. Pretty Colorado.

Almost 9,000

Oops forgot trio take an actual photo today. Here’s some pointless.

Sigh. Here we go.


How would you not want to work for this guy?

My fabulous coworker went and did my intern interviews for me. Black eyed and all.

Pretty surreal

Although the dog food factory house is inspiring in a ‘the whole world is a mess that can get better’ sort of way, I’d probably go over the top insane if I spent… Continue reading

Dry Erase Portraits

I drew these portraits, sans my own, which Evan drew and stated, “You’re a cat person, so I gave you whiskers.” It was the first time we met. I have quite the fondness… Continue reading

Balls not flakes

Sometimes the snow resembles styrofoam

Back into daily posts

And what better way to start posting a photo of the day again, then with a follow-up to yesterday’s blog of what the house looks like today.

Time Past- I fell in love with this house by the dog food factory.

It’s been a very long time since I have made a post. I guess internet existence became too much to handle when the real existence was all out of whack. If I compare… Continue reading

The gift

If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or… Continue reading


Song Inspiration #6- Jet Black

I almost missed another day of a photo, but taking a really close up shot of snow in the dark and throwing in the lyrics of my all time favorite band, Jawbreaker, just… Continue reading

Nothing better than a November hike

The roommate agrees

All unpacked

Except, of course, for the place where I spend the majority of time, that is a war zone.


Spent the entire weekend working and playing the deck building game, Ascension. Didn’t even bother to take a photo until late Sunday night, and this is all it was. Looks like Sebastian was… Continue reading

Ivan Show Day 2

This is the only photo I’ve ever posted that I did not myself take, but I did not take any photos this day. Photo credit goes to Ivan Suvanjieff, my amazing boss and… Continue reading

The Ivan Show- Day 1

Working on the Ivan Show for Youtube with my boss, Ivan Suvanjieff. Who ever said peace work isn’t fun is wrong. 

Song Inspiration #5- Pay To Cum

The cover of this song by Frank Turner is amazing. “Pay To Cum” (originally by Bad Brains) I make decision with precision Lost inside this manned collision Just to see that what is… Continue reading