It's amazing how you can get a lot of painting done fast

Creative Hobbies Project Day #15

I’ve been teaching myself to paint for about a year or so. First with oops house paint on concrete and more recently on actual canvas with acrylics that my boss gifted me. Generally very modest, I will say that I’m surprised that I am able to paint portraits that actually look like who they are without any training. That said, I have vast amounts of room for improvement, and have yet to actually complete a painting.

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Creative Hobbies Project Days 1&2

Okay. So instead of bitching how I failed to upkeep my blog again, I’m just going change my game. It’s very obvious I’m over the daily photo thing.

I dabble in all sorts of creative endeavors, video obviously, but also collaging, painting, drawing, designing, writing poetry, writing songs, starting novels I’ll never finish, learning the drums and the guitar, sewing, and various other things than just taking photographs. So why have I limited myself to that with this blog? Sure, I’m not very skilled at most of those things, but I enjoy doing them and I could get better if I do more of them but I surely will not get better if I don’t do them at all.

So, that’s what I’m doing now. I’m going to create something everyday without limited medium. I will not promise any of it will be any good though.

For example I painted a shitty painting yesterday:


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