Love Is Ageless

Bumper opinions #2

Van accessible

Bumper opinions #1


:) Future Dr. Kray

Places you’ll go IV

I like my backyard.

One year

It’s been a year since I broke my hand. It’s far from fully recovered, but all the important functions are there, like being able to flip people off and whatnot.


(Multiple photos) Had Wally and Sean playing in yesterday’s post then realized it was technically after midnight and also I had a couple additional photos I like better than today’s standard fare of… Continue reading


(multiple photos) Pizza Time SPELLS Guantanamo Baywatch


I don’t know. It’s a magnet and some phone app photo editing. Here is the original: (realizing now I sure have taken a myriad of magnet and fortune cookie photos in the past… Continue reading

The places you’ll go III

I like hiking and finding small shacks with old labeled soda cans in them.



Blooming street light

Right before my phone died, I pulled my bike over and snapped a photo as not to forget my little photo blog again.

A story

Tried to pick a hitchhiker up on my way home today but he turned me down. He asked, “are you going downtown?” “Around downtown.” I replied. He looked around my car, “oh, no.”… Continue reading

Music is a language

A language I enjoy very much. Can’t speak it, though I can feel it. Not sure I’ll could ever understand it, but I love it.

Summer storm

What a perfectly lovely storm.

The places you’ll go II

I like signs and stickers. This has both.

The places you’ll go

I like maps. This is an entire wall of them.


One of my favorite people. It’s impossible for me not to smile in her presence.

Battle of the mind

Roommate model :)

Selfie #45,736


Broken and free

A seemingly unpleasant death

Toilet humor


Carbon- skull form

Sun burn, little cuts all over my body, ripped jeans, blisters on my toes- still better off than this creature.

Hanging out by bridges

This has been a week of hanging out by bridges and I’m digging it.

Accidental photo

I have never intentionally chosen an accidental photo as my photo the day. That previous statement will be untrue the moment I hit publish. Interesting how a statement can be true one moment… Continue reading

Comedy Romp

Good laughs and music, all anyone ever needed.

Meeting awesome people

Today I did my favorite thing, met new people. Here are a couple of them:

Frogtopia Nuptial Ceremony

(multiple photos) Since mail order brides and husbands are too expensive, sparks and I got engaged today. Sean was our witness. My dowry was a frog. But before I could eat him, the… Continue reading

Cloud and Rock #37

Birthday busk show

(multiple photos) I love this photo because the only people in focus are friends. I like this one too though. They’re friends, just not my own.

Well, shit.

I failed and did not take one photo today. There were at least twelve different times I thought about pulling over the car or bike to grab a shot, but just basked in… Continue reading

I fancy we are friends

But I believe the frog is actually very afraid of me

The mystery of the burning smell

Several nights ago I woke at an unusual hour for my sleep schedule around 2:30am. The house smelt like fire, especially my roommate’s bedroom across the hall. I looked in there several times… Continue reading

Public service

Yay for public service? Pre-edited version:

Looks deceive

Looks like a pretty sketchy playground to me… But it’s actually really awesome. Sometimes looks deceive.

Tedx Mile High

Out-nerding Comic Con next door

What’s that you have there?


Memories II

What I consider my longest ongoing hobby, collaging. Hell, even video editing is a collage in a way. (Multiple photos)


Fnally have all my stuff in one place. Organization is ensuing. Trying to get rid of anything I don’t need. But have never thrown out a letter and never will. That’s the one… Continue reading

Giacomo practicing his lines

6am shoot on the last day in Monte Carlo.

Ah! Motherland!

One of the things I’ve always dreamt about doing, but didn’t really hold my breath that it would ever actually happen, is visit Italy. And although it was short, only a few hours,… Continue reading

Private screening

Checking the film in an empty theater by myself before the red carpet, the paparazzi, and the crowds. Today has been a day I’ve prepared for a year. Now that it’s come and… Continue reading

Grace and Kelly

So we were walking down a red carpet. Ted Danza and Jerry Bruckinhiemer (SP) were there and all that, but since the festival was started by Grace Kelly I thought the Google team… Continue reading


Everywhere I’ve seen in the last two days is so different and new to my eyes; there’s so much to see, I don’t know what to take photos of, it is all so… Continue reading

Wondering around Nice

Wondering if this counts as today or yesterday?

Just another day at JFK


I met a friendly 9 year old girl named Charlie that I swung with for 20 minutes or so. She came up to me while I was trying to get a photo. She… Continue reading

Studio Envy

And this is their b-sters bay.

Denver International Airport Expansion

My favorite conspiracy place. I am fond of this photo.