Song inspiration #9- These days

Somewhat loose inspiration, but I listened to this song many times today while driving a lot and there’s a line about a highway. It was pretty. I took a photo. Yep. I’ve been… Continue reading


Tim is fucking cool. He sings lovely classic country covers at open mic nights around town and he tells stories about the songwriters of the songs he sings. And without fail, dedicates his… Continue reading

Angry Drum Beard Wally

(Not actually angry, just hard)

All the love

My soul animal. <3

abstract accident




Last minute



Playing with natural light. That’s all I got today.

Instead of forcing a last minute photo because I just wasn’t inspired today

I didn’t get any photos while the light was good, and instead of forcing one on my smoke break like I commonly do, I thought, “the sounds around me are better than any photo… Continue reading

Doo II?

It’s another magnet + pixel effect day. This time on my tablet,  which had a slightly lesser camera than my cell,  but is easier to edit on.   

A band of cats

Tuna and the Rock Cats. Complete madness.


(multiple photos, mixed order throughout the day) Woke up in the morning, cleaned up camp and headed to the cave tours at Wind Cave, which I liked, but there were a lot of… Continue reading

oh oh wyo/so’ta short trip day 1

(multiple photos, mixed order throughout the day) Woke up in a motel room, in my hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming, that displayed on every item of fabric in it an extensive legacy of debaucheries better… Continue reading

Oh oh Wy-oh

Classin’ it up for the night

From treatment plant to park

(Multiple photos) my neighborhood is a type of “picturesque”

River rehab

My favorite sound, flowing water.

Dryer plug show

I can’t believe that even after the 48hfp I still had enough energy to hit a show.

What’s that you say?

“We’re making a 48 hour film project, you say?”

Blurry photo of an upcoming blurry weekend

48 Hour Film Competition begins


I just realized you can’t spell “patriot” without a riot. Anyway, these people have a sign on their front door that says, “This home is protected by a double barrel shotgun 3 days… Continue reading

Now we’re legit

It’s good to have hobbies

Even if they’re all strange…

Open Screen Night 3 Year Anniversary

(multiple photos) Got my hands on a real camera and snapped some portraits. 

At the heart of healing

Goodnight moon.


Pig head

Sound check


Much funnier than it looks

Adam Cayton-Holland did one of the funniest sets I’ve seen at UMS tonight.

Burned out

(multiple photos) I really like the neighborhood I live in. It’s old and unpretentious. On the fringe. A little scary or a little exciting, depending on how you look choose to look at… Continue reading

New low

Oh, why? I have stooped so low as to posting my breakfast. I promise, this is the last time. If I do it again, I’ll retire my blog. But, yeah, it was good… Continue reading

Love Is Ageless

Bumper opinions #2

Van accessible

Bumper opinions #1


:) Future Dr. Kray

Places you’ll go IV

I like my backyard.

One year

It’s been a year since I broke my hand. It’s far from fully recovered, but all the important functions are there, like being able to flip people off and whatnot.


(Multiple photos) Had Wally and Sean playing in yesterday’s post then realized it was technically after midnight and also I had a couple additional photos I like better than today’s standard fare of… Continue reading


(multiple photos) Pizza Time SPELLS Guantanamo Baywatch


I don’t know. It’s a magnet and some phone app photo editing. Here is the original: (realizing now I sure have taken a myriad of magnet and fortune cookie photos in the past… Continue reading

The places you’ll go III

I like hiking and finding small shacks with old labeled soda cans in them.



Blooming street light

Right before my phone died, I pulled my bike over and snapped a photo as not to forget my little photo blog again.

A story

Tried to pick a hitchhiker up on my way home today but he turned me down. He asked, “are you going downtown?” “Around downtown.” I replied. He looked around my car, “oh, no.”… Continue reading

Music is a language

A language I enjoy very much. Can’t speak it, though I can feel it. Not sure I’ll could ever understand it, but I love it.

Summer storm

What a perfectly lovely storm.

The places you’ll go II

I like signs and stickers. This has both.

The places you’ll go

I like maps. This is an entire wall of them.


One of my favorite people. It’s impossible for me not to smile in her presence.

Battle of the mind

Roommate model :)

Selfie #45,736